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Service Charter

Our Role
The Mosquito Control Association of Australia (MCAA) Inc is an organisation formed through membership and operated by an elected management committee. The Association is registered through the Queensland Government Office of Fair Trading and carries the IA number 14531.
The management committee consists of a group of elected volunteers, charged with the control and management of the Association. Our role is to ensure the Association operates in accordance with its legal requirements.  This includes:
  • operating within its Model Rules
  • meeting the Objects of the Association contained in the Model Rules
  • conducting regular meetings
  • management of the Association’s finances
  • management of the Association’s documents.
  • The MCAA Inc provides services to a broad range of clients across Australia
Our Aims
The objects of the Mosquito Control Association of Australia Inc are –
  • To foster and adopt policies for rational and responsible approach to mosquito control
  • Assist in developing and projecting a positive view of mosquito control
  • Assist in ongoing training for control managers and technicians
  • Provide current advice to members on mosquito control
  • Provide advice on new technical advances and products relevant to mosquito control in Australia
  • Publish the “Mosquito Bites” magazine to disseminate information about biting insect management.
Our Outcomes
Our activities and services aim to achieve:
  • A positive view towards mosquito management
  • Value for money to our members
  • A highly professional mosquito management industry through highly skilled and trained mosquito managers and technicians
  • Constructive inter governmental linkages
  • Constructive governmental and non governmental linkages.
GST. Goods & Services Tax
The MCAA Inc has been issued with an A.B.N. which is 16 346 200 302. The MCAA Inc. is not registered for GST accordingly, no GST will be charged. The MCAA Inc will absorb any GST that is incurred by the association.

Calendar of Events